Hardeep Chana - Big Day Photography
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Hardeep Chana

Hello, I am Hardeep and I am the founder of the company; my vision is not only for taking great images but to create the Big Day brand loved by thousands worldwide. I am particularly proud of the Big Day team of excellent photographers. We love working together and are a fun team. I believe in providing the highest quality in whatever I do and in putting the customer first. It is this combination that enables us to provide a great customer experience so people keep coming back and referring their friends – and it is my greatest achievement. When not running the business, I can be found behind the lens enjoying the chance to take images that really impress. In fact, photography has always been my passion. Coming from a design background I have always had a creative flair in everything I do. I have a real eye for detail and I love going the extra mile to capture those special moments. I’m an easy-going, down-to-earth photographer and I am very sociable so I mix well with all my clients and their guests.