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Pre-Wedding Photography – Choosing the Right Location

Pre-Wedding Photography – Choosing the Right Location

When it comes to photography, location is the essential cherry on top of the cake. A great photographer will be able to create a beautiful photograph with the correct equipment in almost any location, with an eye for picking out what will look fantastic from behind the lens. However, choosing a great location can help take your photographs from pretty to utterly breath-taking.

Big Day Photography specialise in wedding photography, priding themselves on offering the perfect package for your special day. From top of the range equipment to expert photographers and a passion for helping people have the best day of their lives, it’s undeniable that as a business wedding photography is truly where we excel. This also includes pre-wedding photography to celebrate your union as a couple. We’re sure that you don’t need us to tell you this, but one of the most crucial elements of planning a pre-wedding shoot from start to finish is choosing the right location.

The importance of location

The location (or indeed locations) for your pre-wedding photo shoot is so important. You need to choose somewhere which both you and your partner truly adore, somewhere which reflects you as a couple and somewhere which completely caters for everything you wish to symbolise you as a couple in the photographs which will follow. As well as all of these factors, you also need to think about what sort of shots you would like for your photo album, and to consider this when picking your pre-wedding venue and location. A pre-wedding shoot allows you to get to know your photographer and their style, so that you can fall into a rhythm together before the big wedding day itself.

Whether you want beautiful outdoor shots, simple and classic detail-focused shots, ones which are people-focused or pictures that centre around a colour theme, all of these elements will need to be considered with the location. Will there be good natural light? Is there a gorgeous garden or perfect hidden spot for you to sneak off and have your photo taken? Will there be a location to get a group photo? Such details need some thought put into them.

Here at Big Day Photography we understand how daunting the task of choosing your location can be, but we can urge you that taking the time to properly think about each element of your pre-wedding location will pay off in the end – and most certainly in your pictures. This could be your last photo shoot as a non-married couple, which means you’ll want to treasure these gorgeous memories forever. Our impressive photographers will be able to provide you with a selection of stunning shots which perfectly encapsulate your special day, regardless of your chosen location. Our friendly team are always here to help, so if you would like any advice on any element of your wedding photography or to get a quote, simply get in touch today.