Princess Priya Lifestyle Shoot - Big Day Photography
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Princess Priya Lifestyle Shoot

Princess Priya Lifestyle Shoot


It had been a while where I had been planning to do a lifestyle photography shoot with Priya, and finally it took place yesterday 🙂

While at a family event, Madam Priya turned up looking all chic in her white dress and summer hat ready to party. Having returned from shooting a wedding, the cameras were ready to snap away at Priya. She seemed to like the idea of having her pictures taken but preferred to run around and be chased, seeking attention as usual! The only way I could get her to listen to me was to bribe her with a kinder surprise egg, known to her as chocolate anda(egg!!) and a present from her Pua from India!

The poses were in full flow and the bribery worked a treat to capture some amazing images!

collage 2 1

collage 2 3

collage 2 4

collage 2 5


Interested in a lifestyle photography shoot, get in touch!