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Sikh Wedding Photography: Top Trends

Sikh Wedding Photography: Top Trends

Sikh weddings are utterly stunning events quite unlike any other weddings. Filled with a rich tapestry of history and culture, a Sikh wedding is full of rich traditions, colour and so much love, which is why Sikh wedding photography is such an art. To appropriately bring to live the magic of a Sikh wedding through the photography is an advanced skill, and one which Big Day Photography prides itself on. Our photographers are not only extremely experienced with shooting Sikh weddings, but appreciate the nuances and rituals which are attached to such majestic weddings, understanding the culture and beliefs behind every stage of the wedding, and consequently showcasing these through our photography.

Indeed, Sikh weddings are some of our favourite events to shoot, which is why we pride ourselves on keeping our fingers on the pulse of all the latest wedding trends. Here are the top trends in Sikh wedding photography that you can expect to see further developing in 2017.

Aerial Photography

With Sikh weddings being so enriched in grandeur, colour and glamour, it’s no surprise that aerial photography is so popular! Indeed, when it comes to Sikh weddings, some of the most magical shots you can expect to take will be from above, allowing you to drink in the vibrant colours and glitz which is enriched throughout every part of the ceremony. As well as showcasing the rainbow of colours at work at a Sikh wedding, aerial photography also presents an excellent opportunity to squeeze many more subjects into a photograph – which is always welcome when looking back at the wedding album!

Detail Shots

As previously mentioned, Sikh weddings are absolutely full of glitz and glamour. From the beautiful jewellery adorning the bride and her bridesmaids to the sparkles featured on saris, as well as the impeccable headpieces worn by the groom – it’s safe to say the room is full of stunning attention to detail. Capturing every element of these details and creating a photo album which showcases the little details which made the day so beautiful has become oh so important in Sikh wedding photography, and is a trend we most certainly seek to continue!

Ritual Photography

Sikh weddings are full of beautiful and meaningful rituals which truly encapsulate the union of two families on a wedding day. From the bride’s mother applying Mehndi on the hands of the bride, to the groom’s mother tying the Sehra on the groom’s turban – there are so many incredible traditions which are so important to the Sikh ceremony itself, and it is vital to capture these moments when photographing. Of course, the celebration which follows the ceremony will present some exceptional pictures, but capturing the rituals is a very special part of being a photographer – and something every bride and groom will want to look back on.

Dancing Shots

Fashion is simply out of this world at a Sikh wedding and it’s during the dancing stage of the evening which is full of light and laughter that we really see the gorgeous colours of the saree’s and other outfits coming together. Shots of the dancing at Sikh weddings have grown in popularity thanks to their way of encapsulating the mood of the day and showcasing the joy of the occasion. This is a trend we don’t expect to see going anywhere!

Family Photography

Sikh family structure is so important, and this plays an enormous part in any Sikh wedding. As a result of this, a variety of familial shots are required to show the structure of the family and indeed the union of two families come together thanks to the wedding. Big Day Photography are particularly in tune with the Sikh familial structure, understanding exactly how to capture your family on your special day.