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Samagam 2014 | Heaven On Earth

Samagam 2014 | Heaven On Earth

Heaven on earth… Bigday Photography had the pleasure of documenting the event photography for the 39th Salana Barsi Samagam 2014 – Sant Ishar Singh Ji Rara Sahib Wale.

It’s not every day you get to experience Sant Mahapursh, Raagi Jatha’s and personalities from all over the world in one place to share their knowledge and love of Sikhi. With attendance from sangat up and down the country the atmosphere and ektha (oneness) at this Samagam was truly humbling and a constant reminder of the angelic power the Khalsa holds when together.

Many thousands attended the Samagam over the three days and it is therefore imperative we take a moment to consider the hard work and dedication it took to prepare fresh langar on site and serve langar at all times all through the Samagam.

This was an event run purely with sewa and when we consider the magnitude and success of the Samagam it should act as a reminder to us of the power of sewa when we come together. The many different forms of sewa remind us that we can all help in one way or another and that regardless of our age, gender, background and experience we are all one in God’s eyes. The organisers came together and created a wonderful set up, with amazing creative design work by TS Designs and Isher Decor, the sewadars put in the selfless hard work to ensure the Samagam was flawless, the Raagi Jatha’s blessed us with their knowledge of Sikhi and the sangaat attended in huge numbers to create an amazing Samagam in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj.

An exhibition hall portraying the Sikh timeline starting from Guru Nanak Dev Ji up until now was open to all sangat and was an important reminder of the many Mahapursh who dedicated their lives to the progression of Sikhi. The adjoined room held talks throughout the Samagam from Basics of Sikhi and English Katha from Sikh 2 Inspire.

There was a vast array of stalls outside involved in selling various Sikh related artefacts and charities showcasing their work. Free medical screenings were carried out by the British Sikh Doctors Association.

It was an inspiration to see the youth helping at the Samagam and attending in huge numbers. As individuals we often look to our older generations for inspiration and guidance, however it was refreshing to see and experience the youth within the Sikh community setting the example for the rest of us and we hope we can draw inspiration to do more sewa. There were also many children dressed beautifully as true Sikh role models which always touch the heart and reminds us of the beautiful identity and uniform our Gurus left us with.

Bigday Photography truly feel privileged to share moments from the Samagam with you. Enjoy 🙂

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0001

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0002

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0003

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0004

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0005

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0006

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0007

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0008

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0009

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0010

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0011

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0013

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0014

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0015

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0016

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0017

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0018

bigday_photography_sant_ishar_singh_ji_rara_sahib_salana_barsi_Samagam 2014_0019

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